WPS Commercial’s decorative epoxy floor systems offer a great way to create beautiful, durable floors in a variety of different applications and options. Decorative epoxy flooring is very low-maintenance and incredibly durable floor, even in high traffic areas. The decorative epoxy floor systems we offer can be created in almost an unlimited combination of colors, metallics, and flakes. The epoxy floor system can also be designed for you to have a range of slip resistance decorative concrete floors in st louischaracteristics.

Whether you want your decorative floor coating system to withstand constant foot traffic in your office or the weight of heavy cars in your garage, WPS Commercial can create the combination of beauty and strength that fits your needs. Our solid colors, quartz, flake blends, & metallic epoxy floor systems all create gorgeous finishes that can handle wear and tear, while you continue to benefit from the eye-catching flooring that is as durable as it is unique and beautiful.

Solid Colors, Quartz, Flake Blends & Metallics

WPS Commercial offers a huge selection of decorative floor coating systems including solid colors, quartz, flake blends & metallics, that give you the options you need to suit whatever space you have in mind. Our quartz epoxy system offers the extraordinary strength and impact resistance of an aggregate-filled floor and is installed using roller, broadcast, slurry or squeegee methods. Innovative flake blend finishes provide the look of a high-end terrazzo at a much lower cost, as well as little to no maintenance, with no waxing or special buffing required. WPS applies it; you enjoy it; and yes, it’s that simple.

Our metallic epoxy flooring provides the beauty of stained or polished concrete, but with decorative concrete floors indoorfar superior performance. Stained concrete typically wears away in high traffic areas, losing its color vibrance and shiny finish. After a period of time, it begins showing the traffic patterns and draws attention to the patches and faded colors in the porous concrete. WPS Commercial offers a high performance, metallic epoxy floor coating system, that helps to hide, rather than emphasize, the concrete surface flaws and imperfections. The metallic epoxy system can have (depending on what you want) a gorgeous, flowing pattern or unique asymmetrical appearance, that is sure to withstand wear. Another benefit to these epoxy flooring systems is that they require such little maintenance, and will look just as beautiful after time as it does when it is first installed.

WPS Commercial feels that high performance can be beautiful, as well. Our decorative epoxy floor coating systems prove that beauty isn’t just skin deep. Don’t let the stunning finish of these floors fool you—they are actually quite tough. Depending on the concrete floor itself and the needs of the facility, the decorative epoxy floor coating may be applied between 10 and 30mls in thickness (some instances more), with impact resistance and the compressive strength comparable to the strongest of heavy-duty industrial epoxy floors systems.

Epoxy Floor Coating Benefits

WPS Commercial’s epoxy floor coating systems offer an impressive combination of practical and aesthetically pleasing benefits, including:

  • High-shine finishes withstanding high traffic areas
  • Industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Easy maintenance with little to no waxing or polishing required
  • Zero porosity
  • Easy to clean, as in sweep and mop
  • Skid-resistant options that do not interfere with appearance
  • Countless design options and color combinations
  • Option to embed image or logo right into the floor
  • Can be installed on almost ANY concrete surface

These and many other benefits make our decorative epoxy floor coating systems ideal for any industrial, commercial or even residential space that wants the beautiful look and durability to last.decorative conrete flooors

Choose from our wide selection of decorative epoxy flooring color combinations and blends to express your own personal creativity. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can truly call your own. By utilizing our proprietary high performance, colorfast resins, your designs will maintain the original beauty, uniqueness and impressive performance over time. The high-quality products we use are designed to give our customers the best results possible, contributing to the industrial, commercial or even residential space giving it a clean, chic and modern look.

Update the look and performance of your floors with WPS Commercial’s custom decorative epoxy floor systems. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us today for more information.


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