WPS Commercial will help you work through the best options on commercial flat roof restoration or replacement.  While every situation is different, this will help you understand average costs of repair/restoration vs total roof replacement costs.

The average currently installed roof is worth approximately $ 7.50 per sq. ft.

For a 50,000 square foot building, the average value of that existing roof asset is approximately $ 375,000.

Flat Roof Replacement Cost Analysis:flat roof puddles and standing water

To completely replace that same roof, the owner would be looking at an average price of $ 10.50 per square foot or $ 525,000.00 with a depreciation schedule over 37.5 years minimum.

Flat Roof Repair / Restoration Cost Analysis:

To repair and restore that same roof, the owner would be looking at an average price of $5.50 per square foot or approximately $ 275,000 with an immediate tax deduction for maintaining the current asset.

Average Savings to the Owner:  $ 250,000 + immediate tax deduction of $ 275,000.

Before you make any roofing decisions, call WPS so we can assist you in analyzing all your flat roof options.

Saving You Money on Your Flat Roof Asset:

Save building owners by assisting you with proper recommendations and procedures that will make your roofing flat roof repair and restoration by wpsinvestments last as long as possible. Our main focus is to educate you in the proper methods of roof restoration and show you the resulting benefits of regularly managing & maintaining your facility roofing assets. Only as a last resort will we recommend a completely new roofing system. Whether your existing roofing system is new, five years old or near exhaustion, we will help you get the most out of your investment.

  • A properly designed and maintained Flat Roof should last the life of a building.
  • Restorable Roofs are often replaced unnecessarily.
  • “Roof Asset Management” should be an on-going program designed to extend the serviceability of your existing roof system.

It all begins with an evaluation of your current situation by WPS Commercial.  Call us today to get started at 636.600.8734.