Allen Decker

Underground Director/Education Coordinator

Allen Decker joined Waterproof Solutions to initiate the company’s municipal/underground utility division.  Previously Allen Decker proudly served the Missouri Rural Water Association as a trainer, trouble shooter, and technician in the wastewater field.  Allen had a primary focus on collection system operation and maintenance with an emphasis on reduction of inflow and infiltration.  Utilizing smoke testing, sewer cameras, dye testing, manhole inspections, and a thorough analysis of all available data to focus in on needed repairs and upgrades to reduce excessive flows.  Allen is qualified to train and provide re-certification classes for the Department of Natural Resources. O636.600.8734 C:314.435.5505

Allen Decker
Rick Provance

Richard Provance

President/Development Director

Mr. Provance oversees the company’s expansion into new product lines, additional services, and to increase the customer base with new operating models. Testing of each new strategy is accomplished through data collection, customer sampling, and profit comparison. O636.600.8734 C:314.609.9398


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