WPS Commercial offers a roofing solution for almost every type of commercial flat roof. TPO roofs, also known as thermal plastic olefin, are constructed in a way that makes them extremely durable and resistant to penetration and leaks. This TPO roofing material is an extremely popular choice within the roofing industry. As with anything in the construction field, the material is only as strong as the contractor installing it. The professionals here at WPS Commercial have installed plenty of roofs across throughout the St. Louis area, which makes us a trusted member of the roofing industry.

About TPO Roofing Systems

TPO roofing systems use singly ply roof membranes made from ethylene propylene rubber. The welded seams connecting the rubber panels together create a perfectly seamless TPO roof that is resistant to harsh elements and extreme outdoor conditions that frequent the St. Louis area, as well as tears, rips and punctures that may occur. TPO materials are also known to be more environmentally friendly than the other roofing materials available. The flexibility of the TPO material allows for movement with older and even sometimes newer buildings as they settle. The shifting of the building can sometimes cause the roofing systems that are not rubberized, to crack and bust at the seams.

Commercial TPO Roofing Systems

When it comes to selecting a roofing system for a commercial property, TPO systems are usually the most common (and sometimes best) choice. WPS Commercial has a Senior Roofing Consultant on staff that will perform a full inspection of not only your roof, but the structural integrity of your entire building to determine if a TPO roof system is the best solution to use for your property. TPO roofing material is easier to handle making the installation process quick and easy, with minimal interference in your day to day operations.

Durability of TPO Roofs

TPO roofing systems are designed to perform for over 20 years when you have them properly installed by professionals like us here at WPS Commercial. We are so confident with our products, our crews, and our expertise that we offer our commercial clients 10,15 or 20 year LEAK FREE Warranties (depending on options selected based upon our recommendations) when purchased from WPS Commercial.

Reach out to WPS Commercial today for more information on your flat roof repair options schedule your free inspection and get a detailed report of our observations and recommendations. We are awaiting your call!