WPS Commercial’s Underground Division provides several different solutions to rehabilitate your sewer infrastructure. Our extensive selection of certified materials that are rigorously tested for quality can eliminate the costly excavation, removal and replacement, instead rehabilitating and restoring to an almost new condition. We have several manhole linings that include cementitious coatings, epoxy coatings, and injection grouting.

WPS Can Restore Sewer & Concrete Structures Including:

Sanitary sewer manholes
Storm water catch basinsSt. Louis Manhole and Underground Sewer Repair
Sanitary sewer lift stations
Concrete tanks
Steel tanks
Metering chambers
Secondary containment areas
Waste water sludge tanks
Waste water clarifiers

Sewer Inflow and Infiltration can:

  1. Increase operational and maintenance costs through pump run time & replacement;
  2. Short circuit the waste treatment process,
  3. discharging half treated water to the streams;
  4. Overflowing manholes can spread toxic waste;
  5. Infiltration can and will cause sewage backups in customer’s homes;
  6. Cause questionable public relations for your sewer systems;
  7. Negatively impact potential growth for the community as a whole.

WPS offers many different municipal sewer services such as:

MACP Manhole Inspection
Manhole Rehabilitation
Manhole Repairs
Emergency Municipal Services

Ground Water Infiltration

Grouting Ground Water Infiltration of Sewers

If you are experiencing groundwater infiltrating into your collections systems through manhole or access structure, this can be a nightmare for your municipality.  Not only does this prove to be unsafe to the community and harmful to the environment, it is also said that just one gallon per minute of groundwater infiltration over the course of a year can cost a collections system over $1,000.  Our team of experts will seal your leaks by injecting an expanding grout all the way through the structure to the outside of it, which will allow it to be sealed directly at the source of the leak.  WPS Commercial wants to help eliminate the ground water infiltration that is costing you unnecessary amounts of money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Cementitious Coatings for Manhole Repair

WPS Commercial offers a variety of cementitious coatings that are designed to structurally rehabilitate failing manhole structures. A fiber reinforced mortar is applied directly to the interior of the manhole structure, which essentially creates a new manhole right inside of the existing. These coatings are designed to structurally rehabilitate, repair, and waterproof the interior of manhole and lift stations. These types of cementitious coatings offer the absolute best value for rehabilitating the structure.

Epoxy Coatings for Manhole Restoration

WPS Commercial is a certified applicator for Avanti products as well as Duracoat Epoxy Coatings. We utilize these coatings to perform rehabilitation and repairs to manholes and other sewer structures that experience corrosion. In addition to the waste water industry, our team of certified applicators can rehabilitate a variety of other concrete, steel, masonry and fiberglass structures that are experiencing corrosion due to certain chemical attacks. WPS would inspect your structures first, to find out the cause of corrosion and/or leaking. Our inspector would then provide you with a report indicating the solution for rehabilitation or repair as well as n preventative maintenance plan moving forward. The coatings we use on underground structures are a solvent-free, 100% solid ultra-high build spray on coating designed to protect the substrate to which it is applied. Using these coatings keep us confident that various structures can be completely rehabilitated in a short amount of time.

Call WPS Commercial to discuss your underground system services.  We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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